Sustainability In Our Business 

Sustainability In Summerleaze VetsWe feel we should be playing our part to protect the environment we live in.  Our business is based in a beautiful part of the country, and we would like it to remain that way.  These are the small win’s we have put in place and our aim is to continue making small changes.

We have increased the number of recycling bins in the offices and the clinical area, there seems to be paper in most bandages.  We have the largest bin they supply, and it is collected every week with the aim that our general waste will be collected every other week.

We are using 100% renewable energy and have checked that we have the thermostat set at 18 degrees and that we are only heating Summerleaze when we are working.  We open windows rather than using the air conditioning.

Whilst recycled paper is more expensive, we have switch to using it in the hope as more people use it the cost will reduce.

We are committed to only placing a drug order twice a week this will reduce our deliveries by at least half.  According to our wholesaler we are the only independent veterinary practice that has requested this.