Martin Rvbar 

Martin Rvbar

Martin Rybar 

Martin graduated from The University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Kosice, in Slovakia in 2007.

His truly professional equine career started with Coolmore. Martin has done several breeding seasons on thoroughbred stud farms, shuttling with stallions in the USA, Ireland, and New Zealand. Later, he joined Fethard Equine Hospital in Ireland, from where he moved to Saudi Arabia and Qatar working as a stud farm manager and veterinarian. Missing green grass and thoroughbred industry, Martin returned to Kentucky to complete a surgery internship at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute in US, and other internship at Rainbow Equine Hospital in the UK. Following his trainee studies Martin worked at Lower House Equine Clinic in Shropshire as an ambulatory and stud farm vet, before joining the Equicall team providing out of hour’s emergency services.

When not working Martin enjoys meeting his friends, happy hacking in beautiful British country sides or fly fishing on stunning lakes and rivers of Great Britain hoping to catch a big trout or salmon, admitting that his scaly friends swimming in the water win more often than he does.

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