Lameness Investigation 

Lameness is a common problem in horses of all type or use; and a common cause of concern for their owners.

While many causes of lameness may be fairly innocuous and can be treated at home, some are more complicated, severe or do not respond to conservative treatments.

An accurate diagnosis is essential to allow targeted treatment and a realistic prognosis to be given. 

The hard and flat trot up area at the practice provides an ideal surface to examine the horses gait and movement at walk and trot.

Our purpose built lunge circle combines a firm surface for examination of subtle lameness with enough grip to allow a comfortable canter when examining back or pelvic issues.

In some cases localised pain, swelling or joint enlargement will highlight the area that is responsible but in many others progressive nerve or joint blocks (local anaesthesia) are used to localise the source of the lameness.

Digital X rays and/or ultrasound imaging may then be used to show bone or  soft tissue abnormalities

Once a diagnosis is achieved we can offer a wide range treatment options including joint medication, osteoclast inhibitor infusion and topical therapy for tendon injuries.