Elective Surgery at Summerleaze  

Here at Summerleaze we are able to offer our clients a range of routine surgeries. On site we have our own surgical theatre, knock down box, stocks and stables. As well as our team of dedicated equine vets, we also have highly skilled nurses to assist our veterinarians in procedures within the practice. Our vet team includes Luke Poore MA MSc VetMBCertES/Orth MRCVS, an Advanced Practitioner in Equine Surgery (Orthopaedics).


Some of the surgeries we routinely offer include:

  • Routine castrations - All our vets routinely perform castrations in the field, but we can also bring them into the practice. The majority of castrations we perform are done under sedation with local anaesthetic but for some individuals, for example if they are very small it may be advisable to perform them under General Anaesthetic.
  • Closed castrations - The majority of castrations are left open to drain however in some cases closing the wounds to prevent excessive blood loss is necessary for example for older stallions or donkeys. These will then be performed under General Anaesthetic.
  • Cryptorchid castrations (where a testicle is retained) - Under General Anaesthetic we can remove testicles that are retained in the inguinal canal.
  • Sarcoids - Different sarcoids can require different treatments from banding, Liverpool cream to lasering. All of which we are happy to offer to our clients. We are supported by Equine Medical Solutions, a sarcoid referral service run by Professor Derek Knottenbelt.
  • Lumpectomy - We can remove various masses standing or under general anaesthetic. These can then be sent off for histology to identify the type of lesion removed.
  • Wound closure - We can perform primary or secondary wound closures either standing or under General Anaesthetic. These are often down out at yards but more extensive closures can be performed at the practice.

We happily accept referrals from other practices for surgical procedures. We may be able to offer other surgeries so please do contact our vets for more information at 01297304007.