BVD Free 

A voluntary industry-led scheme, BVDFree England is working to eliminate Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) from all cattle in England by 2022. The key to success is to identify and remove all animals persistently infected (PI) with the BVD virus from the national cattle herd and to prevent the creation of new PIs.

The scheme is built around a national database,, which is searchable for the BVD status of cattle tested under the scheme. Famers must register with BVDFree to enable their herds’ BVD test results to be uploaded to the database. Individual animal BVD status can be found by entering a UK tag number. Entering a CPH number will tell you if a herd is CHeCS BVD accredited-free, BVDFree registered or BVDFree not registered. 

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