Summerleaze Smallholder Club  

Are you a smallholder interested in sharing knowledge, peer support and group medication purchases?

All smallholders are welcome to join our Smallholders Club (SHC) and reap the benefits of being part of this group. Regardless whether you have a small commercial herd of cattle or a few pet sheep (even the odd goat, alpaca or pig!), we would love to invite you to benefit from becoming a member.

We’d be delighted to assist with your everyday management and preventative healthcare. We offer a range of services designed specifically with smaller flocks and herds in mind. Prevention is always better than cure and we want to inspire best practice for purchasing, biosecurity and treatment protocols.

For only £15 per month 

The Key Benefits of membership are:

  • A Free initial visit and 30 minutes of time with a vet. This visit will allow the vet to go through your prevention plan, which outlines your approach to vaccinations, parasite control, quarantine, routine procedures, fertility management and goals throughout the year. After this visit we will give you a report and action plan tailored to your Holding.
  • A Starter pack - With Fact sheets and information specific to your holding, to arm you with knowledge
  • Dedicated Vet - allowing you to form a relationship with someone who knows your farm
  • 24 hour emergency treatment
  • 3 free worm egg counts throughout the year to enable you to carry out best practice.
  • Members only facebook page - to connect you with other small holders in the area and keep you up to date.
  • Quarterly newsletter - keeping you up to date with current issues, the practice and upcoming events in the club
  • Free quarterly meetings/workshops throughout the year discussing topical issues (normally £25+), including administering medicines and Red Tractor courses
  • Dispensing medication - there will be vaccination dispensing days for small groups of animals, so you only pay for what you need rather than a whole bottle. We will also dispense smaller amounts of wormer when required.
  • Free telephone advice

For more information please contact Nikki Hinman (Vet) at Summerleaze Vets on 01297 304007