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August Sheep News 2018

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August Cattle News 2018

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February 2018 - TB Testing

October 2017 - New Pneumonia Drug

JJ leaving Farm work message june 2017

Farm Client Newsletter April 2017- opening hours and Robert's retirement

Are you antibiotic aware Newsletter Feb 2017

Bovela Vaccine/Nimrod Red Calf January 2017 newsletter

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Sheep - Keep Enzootic abortion out of your flock




Fam client newsletter december 2016  
Sheep Nematodirus Risk Newsletter May 2016 Heat stress in cows Newsletter July 2016
Farm Client Drug Price REduction  Newsletter April 2016 Sheep C Sections, Worm Rest Scab Codd Newsletter April 2016
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Milk Sampling Newsletter Jan 2016    Lambing Workshop Jan 2016 Invitation
Dry Cow Therapy Christmas Newsletter Dec 2015  
Liverfluke and worms newsletter Sept 15 TB Testing Newsletter Nov 2015 
Maggots Ram Vasec July 15 Summer Mastitis Newsletter July 2015
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Dairy News Newsletter Jan 2015  Management of Down Cows Newsletter Feb 2015 
Pneumonia Vaccine Dec 2014 Liver Fluke Sheep Dec 2014
Mycoplasma Bovis Cattle Nov 2014  Housing Cattle October 2014
Synchronization July 2014 Maggots June 2014
Parasites May 2014 April 2014 Cattle Newsletter Genomics
February 2014 Cattle Newsletter Liver Fluke    February 2014  Newsletter Itchy Sheep
Dec 2013 Sheep Newsletter Dec 2013 Cattle Newsletter
Alpaca Newsletter June 2013 Schmallenberg Schmallenberg Vaccine Sheep June 2013
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DIY AI March 2013 From Weaning to Service Jan 2013
Calf Diarrhoea  Dec 2012 What is best for my sheep Nov 2012
Herd Plans Sept 2012 Summerleaze open evening news
Stratagies for avoiding wormer resistance Farmwalk Feeding Cows in Summer
Scmallenberg Virus Sheep update March 2012 Schmallenberg Virus Cattle update March 2012
Ewe nutrition around lambing Jan 2012  Transition Cow Diet Dec 2011 
Sheep Keeping Lameness under control Nov 2011 Cow Abortion Oct 2011
Liver Fluke Oct 2011 Sheep South West TB News
Drug Prices and TB Map  Newsletter Sept 2011   
Body Conditition Scoring in sheep Sept 2011 Treatment of Milk Fever Aug 2011
Is Your Ram Ready to Work Aug  2011 Treating Mastitis July 2011 
From Weaning To Mating July 2011  Bull Soudness Evaluation June 2011
Flystrike May 2011 Worming and Ticks May 2011 
Abortions and Barren Ewes April 2011 IBR - March 2011
Diseases in Newborn Lambs March  2011 Metabolic Disease February 2011
Metabolic Diseases Before Lambing January 2011 News From Star Cross January 2011
Cattle December 2010  Sheep December 2010
Cattle November 2010 Sheep November 2010
October 2010 August 2010


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Sheep - Invitation to pre breeding workshop

Invitation to grass management meeting

Invitation to Farm Meeting on building design

Honiton Show where we are

Honiton Show 2015 Free Ticket Competition

The Axe Challenge                              

Nimrod Red Calf Microchipping BVD Vaccine